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  • Donna J.

    Let’s face it: Replacing the crazies in our minds with peace is an awesome thing. You’ll find my classes both physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. More about Donna J.

  • Liz L.

    My classes are sweet and sweaty. You will find your inner strength challenged and busy mind quieted in every practice. We will laugh together. We will be our unique selves together. More about Liz L.

  • Erin T.

    Erin’s ongoing study with a list of always evolving incredible teachers, her very wise kindergarten students, and great soulful music continue to inspire her teaching. More about Erin T.

  • Vicky C.

    My greatest joy is to be a part of helping students bridge the gap between their spiritual life and their everyday life. More about Vicky C.

  • Sarah B.

    My friends always laugh because whatever ails anybody, mentally or physically, I always respond, "they should really try yoga" and I really mean it. More about Sarah B.

  • Emily T.

    My classes are sweet and cultivate the process of finding and/or strengthening self-awareness and belonging through each breath. I want to share with my students the gift of yoga-as I know it. More about Emily T.

  • Lyn G.

    I am motivated and lifted in life by music, poetry, conversations that kick my ass. More about Lyn G.

  • Alyssa R.

    ....we will laugh together, sweat together and walk out of class feeling a little more grateful to be alive. More about Alyssa R.

  • Sarah H.

    She aims to create a space welcoming to all. Her classes are soulful and sweaty, but there are also moments of quiet to help you tune into your own inner wisdom. More about Sarah H.

  • Renée W.

    Expect super healthy alignment with dynamic sequencing, options to up the ante as well as
    moments to surrender, all highlighted by a soulful soundtrack. And probably some laughter! More about Renée W.

  • Ranjini N.

    You will leave my classes feeling centered and grateful that you made time for yourself to practice. More about Ranjini N.

  • Michele D.

    She shares her love for yoga with teaching that is breath-centered with attention to alignment that follows the organic architecture of the body. More about Michele D.

  • Lauren Davis

    ...opportunities to kick it up, as well as moments of surrender. Focusing on the magic that happens when the body and breath move together, you’ll experience both the power and peace of the practice. More about Lauren Davis

  • Katy G.

    More about Katy G.

  • Holly K.

    Teaching classes that are fun but challenging, thoughtfully sequenced, and grounded in healthy alignment, is what inspires me.  More about Holly K.

  • Heidi W.

    My classes combine both strengthening flows and quieter, calm moments. I believe that exercise and mindfulness are crucial to feeling … More about Heidi W.

  • Charlotte P.

    When I look back on my yoga journey, I see how much this practice transformed my entire life. I attribute … More about Charlotte P.

  • Brittany T.

    More about Brittany T.

  • Breanna F.

    In 2006, my first go with yoga I thought as a dancer I would just “get it”, Nope– didn’t see … More about Breanna F.

  • Ashly S.

    I like to think of myself as a yoga facilitator by creating a safe environment for students to explore their own movement. Each class is a blend of vinyasa flow, alignment principles, music and breath awareness. More about Ashly S.

  • Ann Bedsole-Jump

    Expect to leave class feeling grounded, strong, and with a new favorite song in your head. More about Ann Bedsole-Jump

  • “BK” Brittani K.

      More about “BK” Brittani K.