At SYJ we love a home grown workshop where we put together unique and informative learning opportunities meant to help you dive deep into the yoga that interests you. We have workshops for everyone whether you’re new to yoga or looking to advance your practice.

Our teachers are incredibly knowledgable and when we come together in a workshop format you get a full on immersion into technique and approach. Part of SYJs mission is to keep the yoga fresh and as teachers we love learning and we love sharing what we think is the most interesting yoga out there.

Basics Gets Open

with Alyssa Riccio & Melissa Kornfeld

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Open Level classes? Come on out and get hands on instruction on some of our open level classes.

In this workshop you will learn:
Sun Salutation A without modification
Sun Salutation B
How to transition from down dog more fluidly into standing poses
Techniques for expanding your practice to include a greater variety of standing poses, open level back bends, crow pose and forward bends

This is a truly empowering workshop meant to help you feel comfortable making the transition into open level classes.

Instructors: Alyssa Riccio & Melissa Kornfeld

Date & Time: Saturday, February 3rd, 1:00 - 3:00pm
Cost: $35.00
Sign up is required


Refining Gratitude - Body and Breath

with Michelle Didner & Katy Ghadiyali

Feel yourself, shed a layer or two and welcome yourself home to the purity that gratitude inspires. Being grateful feels right, so does restoring your body, your mind and your spirit. We use medicinal oils refined from plants, flowers and roots together with restorative movement supported by blocks, bolster and cozy blankets. This practice led by Michelle and Katy will refine your internal space so you can soften your edges and and make space for your love-ly heart.
Date: Sun, Feb 4th 
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Cost: $35
Instructor: Michelle Didner
Guest: Katy Ghadiyali

IronWorks Building
1 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854