Heart to Heart

Basics Gets Open

What’s this workshop about:

This workshop is taught in a 3 part series meant to help you
transition from an SYJ Foundation class to a more open level class. Every week you will progress a bit more forward as we build on the prior week’s knowledge. You’ll be introduced to a more challenging, flowing sequence of poses. You will sweat, move, breathe and leave with a smile.

What happens in this workshop:

We give you the foundational tools to move you forward to a more open level practitioner. You show up as you always do ready to learn and to move your body in a way that gives you a bit more of a challenge than in an SYJ foundation class.

What you’ll learn:

Sun Salutations A & B linked with breath (proper chattarunga)Different transitions into standing poses
Greater variety of standing poses including some twists,hand balances, (i.e. crow pose) hip openers, and preparatory poses for some deeper backbends, (using the wall for support) more challenging one leg balance poses
Greater variety of seating poses and forward folds
*** You will be given modifications and support the entire time as we guide you through this transition. If you come ready to learn and have a sense of humor to boot, you will leave with a smile as well as a new found appreciation for what you can do on your

***Any beginner yoga practitioner can participate in this
workshop as the poses we will be teaching are not super
advanced and the support will be all SYJ thoughtful and well practiced!

Dates: 3/21, 3/28, 4/4.

Price: $60 (for the 3 part series)

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